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8 June 2005 – Day 10

Last night my cruising speed was exceptional. I’m was also pleased to be making good progress towards my next target position. That was until around 6:40am when thick fog arrived making it very hard to see beyond 50 metres. Also the wind speed dropped to 0.5knts and I had to pull up the asymmetric sail to get more speed. It didn’t work and I was left twiddling my thumbs. There was nothing else to do… I put the kettle on to have a coffee while I waited for the wind to arrive. The fog cleared at around 9:15am this morning, but the sea was still calm and there was low grey clouds. I still have another 200 miles to go before changing course!! Oh well, I’ll have another coffee, some Weetabix (chunky fruit bar strawberry) and a Mars Bar for breakfast - very nice!!

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