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4 June 2005 – Day 6

Good news today. The changes I have made to the rigging have helped reduce the shaking in the mast. It’s still moving around a little, but I feel confident enough to continue on my voyage. My speed has also increased, which will help me make up some time. I have tried to make some other changes, but the sea is just too angry. I’m having a little dram as I write this because I look and feel as if I’ve just been through a car wash with the windows down!

The Quest II is moving steadily now and keeping on course. I’ll move a little south too as the waves are much bigger than my wee boat!! It’s not a good idea to be too brave and challenge these waves as they can lift the Quest II in a flash. My latitude is 50 46 and my longitude is 012 58. I’m desperate for some wind from East so I can sail west but the wind is still from West!

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