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24 June 2005 – Day 26 (Gerry Hughes - Where are you?)

Still no word from Gerry. It’s been 10 days now! His family, friends, pupils, colleagues and the hundreds of Deaf and hearing people logging on to this site every day are starting to get restless! People are guessing what his position must be, based on the position of other boats in his group. Trouble is, these guesses are becoming fact by the time they’ve changed hands a few times. One thing’s for sure, we all NEED to know soon… it’s driving us crazy not knowing how he’s doing.

Kay and her two girls are now packing their suitcases and ready to fly to Boston via Philadelphia on Saturday morning by US Airlines at 11.15am then Kay will hire a car (Alamo) and drive to Newport Harbour which will take an hour and half at about 8/9pm. She is hoping to find a huge Scotland flag along with her too to greet on Gerry arrival.

At the moment we’re hoping Gerry will be in mobile text message range of the American coast and can let us where he is. Keep you posted… WATCH THIS SPACE ‘CAUSE GERRY’S ARRIVAL IS ONLY A FEW TIDES AWAY!

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