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11 June 2005 – Day 13

I forgot to add to my last report (fatigue will do strange things to your mind!) that my hand troubling me and is full of blisters. This can be more than just uncomfortable. Last night I the pitch black (no streetlights or city lights around to light up the sky) while trying to send an email I couldn’t get a signal. So I held the satellite phone outside the hatch to get a better frequency. All of a sudden a strong gust of wind sent the auto helm flying across the deck which hit my hand hard. I couldn’t feel my hand and thought I’d lost it! But that was only a result of the bad condition my hand was in… my hand could still be found at the end of my arm thank God. This was not the end of my satellite story though. Next the mainsail caught the mobile – mid air – and threw it across the Quest II towards the starboard side. I couldn’t believe it, first my hand was gone, or so I thought, and now my only means of communicating with the outside world was gone!!! I grabbed my torch to see through the darkness and clambered onto the deck. So there I was searching for a pitch-black phone on a pitch black night in the middle of the Atlantic with waves crashing around me. There it was, about 20cm from the edge and the abyss! The Quest II was moving around wildly in the wind and the phone could go over the edge at any moment. There was nothing else for it… I leapt towards the phone (in the style of a rugby player) without a thought for the impact that my landing would have on my tired, wet, cold and beaten body. Did I catch it? Well you’re reading this story aren’t you… what do you think?

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