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10 June 2005 – Day 12

BIG… BIG problems to report today. I cannot get engine to start and so cannot use it to charge Quest II’s batteries. No engine no power!! I’ve had turn off the main power switch to conserve what little power is left in the batteries. Last night the battery had 12 volts left, but this dropped to 11 volts after I tried to start the engine. I’m ok just now but things are going to get bad soon if I can’t get the engine started again to build power. I’m going to try to take the engines fuel system apart so that I can get any sea water out of it. I’m not confident that it will work, however, I am still determined to cross the Atlantic and arrive in Newport safely. Last night I felt at my lowest since embarking from Plymouth. I considered calling the coastguard because without power I have no navigation lights so other ships and boats won’t know I’m here unless they see me. Fog can make this a gamble! Despite being very tired I’ve managed to clear my head and focus on a solution to this most challenging of problems.

If you don’t hear from me in the next few days it will be because I have failed to get the engine working and need to reserve my battery. I’ll email the outside world with news of my journey once every 4 days until I get to the USA. Need to go now.

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