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9th July 2006

As we had a calm day, we just drifted along with a low wind and a slow sea current. Mark grabbed the opportunity to catch up on sleep to charge himself up for the days to come when we will probably sail into fog. This could last as long as 3 days.

As Mark slept, Jeff and Gerry were on deck when suddenly they saw black fins in the water. Gerry woke Mark so that he wouldn't miss out or say that he didn't believe us when we tried to tell him what we saw the next day. Once Mark saw the fins though, he just said “so what”, saying he needed his beauty sleep more!

Jeff and Gerry tried to work out what breed of shark we were seeing. There were 6 sharks altogether, swimming around the yacht. Luckily they were not the same as the ones in “Jaws” or else we wouldn't be sending you this dairy! These sharks were only about 3 to 4 metres in length.

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