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5 th July 2006

Mark learned a lot about the chart plotter and the weather. We have had poor wind. Jeff was working on the handheld GPS in order to understand the system and to plot as we go. Gerry was feeling a little down due to the lack of communication again but checking the charts for a good route. Mark was determined to solve the problem and spent 2 hours trying to sort it out. He jumped around madly when he got us back online and we all emailed our friends and families!

Gerry was pleased but it was still not 100 percent corrected as we couldn't receive any email. It wasn't until later that we got an email back from Maxsea (weather forecast) so Gerry is extra happy, especially when we got emails back from our friends and family. Mark can finally have a good sleep, with his mind at rest, no longer trying to work out what the problem was!

After a few hours, Jeff and Mark swapped shifts, Mark beginning his watch and Jeff heading to bed. Gerry was also asleep but not for long as he joined Mark for the night watch. Gerry had a lot of power naps (5 to 15 minute sleeps) and now Mark is writing in our diary for the website in very happy spirits

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