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4th July 2006

As Mark's mobile was nearly out of signal range, Mark checked the satellite mobile to check that it was working. This was our bad news for the day - it had failed! Mark texted people close to us to inform them of the problem and the possibility that there would be no communication, just as Gerry had experienced on his way to the USA . We were hoping not to go through this again.

But it's not only communication that we needed. Gerry also needs to have weather forecasts. Mark therefore began to work on the computer and mobile but unfortunately he hasn't found a solution yet. Although our sailing speed was good at around 6 knots, Gerry was beginning to have second thoughts and thinking about turning back, not leaving until the satellite mobile is working again. We decide to carry on, however, as we had faith in Mark to get the problems sorted. Gerry had lot of naps, Jeff also had a good sleep but Mark was like someone knocked out after all the hard thinking!

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