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26th July 2006

The weather had been too calm for us for the last 3 days so there is not a lot to say about those 3 days. As there has been no wind, we decided to use the engine to keep to the target arrival time of 11:00pm 27th July but our fuel then started to run low. After 3 days we were lucky to get a little wind and we then started making a bit more progress again.

Today, (the 26 th ) we were 25 miles away from Tory Island , on the north west of Ireland . Gerry woke the crew to see land and to look up our charts to found our way to the harbour. We were not sure if they had diesel at Tory Island so Mark went onto the internet to check. He said that they did supply diesel so we used the engine and our remaining 10 litres of fuel to arrive at Tory Island .

The island itself seemed to be in its original state and beautiful but once we got alongside the pier, it turned out they didn't supply fuel! We were told we had to go to the mainland. We couldn't believe this as we used up our last 10 litres of fuel for nothing!

After talking to the locals we met on the island (they were very helpful) we went to shop for fresh junk food, milk and fresh bread. But, the shop didn't take cards! Luckily the shopkeeper was very kind. He knew we needed fuel and food and he said he had 25 litres of fuel and was willing give it to us. But the problem was that we had to pay him. Amazingly he just said to take the food and the fuel and post him the Euros. This was very kind!

We had one quick drink at the hotel and then we sailed off. We had a yacht with fuel again but by our calculations we thought it still best to be safe and get to a proper harbour in Northern Ireland and fill up fully there. We would then be able to use our engine all the way to Troon and meet our deadline.

Now we are heading to Portrush for some more food (a few bits and pieces we forgot to get earlier) and fuel and then hopefully we will be on our way to Troon. The journey is now in its 22 nd day so tomorrow will be Day 23 and hopefully the last!

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