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21th July 2006

Not much exciting news now - it is back to normal routine, although we just had gale force winds of about 7-8 knots which helped us to catch up a little. We also took some video footage of the storm and got some great clips for Gerry's future DVD so the rest of you can see what it was like. One of the clips shows Mark getting a wash from the sea!

The next day we found about an inch of water in the boat. We wondered where this was from as we keep bailing the water out only to find more. It also doesn't look very clean. Gerry eventually found that the front hatch wasn't fully closed. It was in the airing position, and as we were heading straight into the wind, we had lots of waves crashing onto the deck. Once we closed the hatch, we seemed to have less water but then overnight the water seemed to be getting topped up again. We eventually found that the water tank had burst due to the pressure of the gale. Don't worry though, as we have back-up water to use as well as a variety of juices to drink.

Now we are taking it in turns to catch up on sleep as was were worn out by the gales and bailing out the water.

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