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16th July 2006

Aarghh! We had strong winds in the early morning, through until early afternoon when they dropped away! Now we are all looking at the laptop to see where we might catch the next winds. Our skipper has decided a route. All we want is to cover the remaining distance to the UK as quickly as possible.

Mark is now typing this dairy for our website. Sadly we cannot say we have passed the half way mark as it is still about 90 miles away but we are now on the Gulf Stream . The Gulf Stream increases the speed of the boat by about 1.5 knots if you are on the right place. It's also a bit like a one way street - it can only take us east to the UK , not the other way around. Now we are hoping to reach the halfway mark tonight. If so, we have roughly 9 more sailing days to Troon.

We know that you are all wondering what the sea has been like to us. Sadly (?) it has been very, very good to us compared to what Gerry experienced last year. But Mark is still waiting for that rough sea so that he can experience exactly what Gerry had to put up with while sailing to Newport.

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