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12th July 2006

Again we had no wind in the morning as we said our final goodbyes to Canada . Mark was getting the weather report and starting to plan the route to use. We continued to sail slowly when the wind stopped. Gerry knew there was wind further ahead and so he decided to use the engine to catch it. We let Jeff take the helm for an hour then Mark for the next hour.

We finally caught a good wind and so we got the asymmetric sail up. Gerry took the helm to control the boat, managing to get her up to a speed of 8 knots. Mark and Jeff are impressed with Gerry's seamanship. So far we have usually used self steering but for an asymmetric sail this isn't possible at all.

Mark and Jeff started to debate the route to take. There is no road laid out for us - we have to make decisions about what is the best, the fastest and the safest way as we go. We all want to arrive in Troon safely and in one piece. We finally agreed to take a route that looks promising. It moves us pretty quickly and we are finally out of the fog.

Suddenly, again, the boat went haywire as we were hit by another squall. Gerry thinks it's time to change to the genoa again. For Mark, what comes up next is his entry into the real world of sailing: as the wind was about 15 knots, Mark ran onto the deck to try to slow us down by closing the asymmetric sail. The wind blows the rope away quickly though. Mark and Jeff still manage to got the asymmetric sail down quickly and get the genoa up. The boat is still moving without losing too much time. Mark almost lost his sunglasses though, as he was getting the sail down but luckily they didn't roll off the deck. Now we can go back to self steering and relax a little. We look at the charts to see what the options were for the next day of sailing with a new weather forecast thanks to our email being back online.

Gerry decides that we should visit the place where he lost communication on his original trip. It is close to our planned route so it will be an interesting experience for us all. Gerry plans to tell Mark and Jeff the story of his original trip once we are at that point in the trip. Mark and Jeff are glad to be on the boat and to be a part of deaf history as well as enjoying the trip. But Gerry keeps reminding us that the sea can be a monster and it will come and get us at some point in time. Gerry is ready for it. Jeff and Mark are not sure but go ahead with Skipper's plan.

We hope you will be able to see where we are as we had contact with other people to update them on our location. Right now we are at 45 19'.137N 049 52'.000W as at 22.21. Mark is updating our location to his contact who will update everyone else daily at 1.00am.

We are also sorry we cannot send any more photos with our emails at the moment but we will include more photos for the website once we are at Troon.

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