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10th July 2006

It is sunrise finally and the wind has started to pick up. Gerry starts to steer the boat to catch the wind but we need to use the asymmetric sail instead of the genoa sail. With a low wind, an asymmetric sail makes the boat move quickly but it is not very good with a strong wind as it is hard to keep control. As Gerry is at the helm, Jeff and Mark are getting the asymmetric sail up. Once it is up the boat is finally moving along. With a further increase in wind, we are finally meeting our target speed.

Mark was sitting on one side of the yacht when we were hit by a squall - a strong wind that hits out of the blue. It rolled the boat over almost capsizing us. Luckily Mark jumped to the other side while Gerry let the rope go. Jeff was inside the boat and was thrown to the floor. He ran out to help Mark to get the asymmetric sail down and to replace it with the genoa.

That night dolphins appeared, jumping out of the water around us. The sea looks relaxing. Gerry and Jeff took a few photos while Mark was on the laptop trying to work out what was wrong with our email. We couldn't send or receive anything.

Mark had a break to catch the sunset. It was so perfect that no one could describe what we saw. Then it was night clear, with moonlight on the boat and the water, giving us the light we needed to watch out for other boats.

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