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Message from Kay Hughes

Hi Everyone,

I’m so over the moon with Gerry's achievement!! The day Gerry arrived in Newport, My daughters Nicola and Ashley and myself were at the beach in Boston. We arrived back at the hotel at 5.30pm after the beach, which was funny because normally we're out all day don’t get in until night… but something told me we should go back to the hotel. When we arrived the red button on the phone was flashing and I said to Nicola that it must be from Newport. So she answered it and found out that her dad had arrived safely and was in good health at 11.30am. I immediately burst into tears and fell on the bed - "HE HAS DONE IT HE HAS DONE IT" I shouted. I told the girls get ready, we’re going to Newport now! It didn’t matter that we were all still covered in sand from the beach, we agreed and jumped in the car. I was driving so fast as I couldn't wait to see him again. It usually takes one and half hours to Newport from the hotel but in the excitement I went the wrong way and ended up heading north. We arrived in Newport and we scanned for Gerry but couldn’t find him at first. Then there he was walking up towards us. I was waving and we ran so fast, it was like we were flying towards each other! It was such a wonderful feeling, I felt like I had won the lottery! We all hugged together. Really I cant tell you how I feel I’m still over the moon and high! I was so very shocked to see how so very well and healthy Gerry looked. I thought he was going to be thin with the normal dry skin and so on that yachtsmen often get after such a voyage. It was exactly the opposite!

We’re now having a family holiday together and I’m so delighted that Gerry is flying back with us on Monday 25th July! I hope you all are well and we’re looking forward to seeing all our friends and supporters when we come back home from USA!

Love Kay x

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