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First Profoundly Deaf man to sail single-handed across Atlantic Ocean (2005)

On 29 May Gerry Hughes (47) from Kings Park in Glasgow will attempt to be the first profoundly Deaf man to sail single-handed across the Atlantic Ocean. He will embark from Troon, leaving behind his wife Kay (39) and two daughters Ashley (12) and Nicola (15) for Plymouth, the first leg of his challenge. In Plymouth he will join the other competitors in the OSTAR 2005 race who will sail to Rhode Island in America. Gerry, who teaches Deaf children at St Vincent’s School in Tollcross, Glasgow said,

“It has been my ambition to sail across the Atlantic for as long as I can remember. But for me this challenge is extra special because I have an opportunity to be a positive role model for my pupils.”

Gerry’ s pupils, who like him use British Sign Language, will be able to follow his progress to America. His main sponsor is BSLISScotland Interpreting & Translation who are providing all interpreting and translation services attached to Gerry’s project and most of the administration too.

In addition to this, Productions Ltd have sponsored Gerry by setting up and hosting this website and providing technical support, so he is able to communicate with the rest of the world via his laptop and mobile phone while at sea.

For information about the 2005 voyage, including pictures and travelogue, click here.

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